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Ethan Agarwal
Aaptiv CEO

He`s a pleasure to work with, and I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

Yannis Imelos
CollegeLink CEO

For every project that we worked together, he had a fresh and innovative approach and always there was a well structured reason behind that approach.

Christos Tsounis

Committed, resilient and self-driven. George delivers even under significant pressure. Trustworthy and honest. Would love to work with him again.

Damian Vavanos

Can`t recommend George enough with anything that has to do with operations, business development and mentoring.

Giannis Zaoudis
Product Development

Passionate and most of all trustworthy, you can be sure that he overdelivers every time.

Konstantinos Stavrou
Software Development

George was the kind of the person you knew you had to bring in the team.

Metaxas Gamvrelis

I've worked with many people over the years but none like George.

Dean Serroni

George is one of those guys that makes you feel like you`re in extremely good hands from the very first interaction you have with him.

Madlen Balatlian
Performance Marketing

He has an amazing talent of making a concept a real, feasible project while understanding and sharing your passion for innovation.

George Filippakis
Web Development

The most passionate web developer I have ever met.

Dimitris Promponas
Product Development

He is the kind of guy that you definitely want to have in your team and rely on.

John Dimas
Web Development

George is the person you want to work with at every stage of your career.

Charalampos Triantafillidis
Sales & Marketing

It was an honor for me to have George, as my leader and I definately have many things to learn from him that will help me in my future career.

Argiris Tetteris
Web Development

His leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable to the company.

Chris Kounavis
Business Development

George is a great, multi-skilled, energetic and intelligent person, understands complex matters even when outside of his direct area of expertise.

Eleni Xynogala
Interaction Design

His determination and overall performance on both creative and practical aspects of the development shows that George is a skillful UX/UI Engineer.

Aggelina Mila
SHA Managing Director

He has demonstrated problem solving skills and solution-orientation attitude, that has made the NGO management team trust him.

Konstantinos Boultadakis
Performance Marketing

His ability to analyze a user’s experience, create pixel perfect interfaces and websites and produce massive amounts of quality work under strict deadlines is amazing.

Konstantina Papadopoulou
Software Development

George is a supportive co-worker and whenever I faced a problem, he was always eager to help me!

Tereza Litsa
Content Marketing

His deep understanding of the creative industry and his technical knowledge led to impressive results and I can't wait to collaborate with him again!

Stergios Kritikos
UX/UI Design

George inspires you all the time and it is a great experience working with him.

Aristotelis Papaprodromou
Software Development

George definitely knows the subject.

Duncan Turner
UX/UI Design

His communication is prompt and to the point - there is never any uncertainty with George.

Konstantinos Livieratos
Software Development

George is a talented ops professional, with solid knowledge of the industry his company operates in.

Stelina Karkalemi
Internet Law

George combines the passion and determination that you should look for in every business partner.

Vasilis Doumas
Performance Marketing

George combines his passion for work with excellent organisational skills. Definitely, one of the most talented professionals I have ever met!

Manos Papadakis
Performance Marketing

He is very dedicated and professional in his work, taking ownership of all aspects of a project.

Voula Alexandri
Business Operations

George, always know when to lend a hand. He is a savvy problem-solver and a great communicator.

Lampros Makris
Web Development

George is a great team player. He always comes with a smile and a solution. Creativity and Innovation belong to his inventory.

Anemos X
Music Production

I've known George to never give up for the last 10 years. He helped me setup and I know I can count on him 100%.

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