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The presence of different datacenter options to choose from is an advantage supplied by just a few hosting traders on the entire shared web site hosting market today. Exclusive Hosting is a mid-sized hosting trader, yet it presents a selection of 4 server farms located on three separate continents: in America, in the UK, in Sweden and in Australia. One more asset of Exclusive Hosting is that prior to actually buying anything, they give you the chance to test their state-of-the-art web space hosting CP. As opposed to various cPanel based web hosting distributors on the marketplace, there is a fully functioning demo of the multi-select, multi-action, drag and drop File Manager. Also have a glance at the Domain and Email Manager GUIs, along with the Applications and Website Installer GUIs.

Feature Details Exclusive Multi-Exclusive Enterprise
Price Per Month
Web Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Domains 1 10 Unlimited
Domains Parked Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Mailboxes 500 2000 Unlimited
FTP Accounts 5 20 Unlimited
One-click Apps Installation Tool
Web Page Creation Tool
Free Top Level Domain Activation
Free Web Templates
Reimbursement Guarantee
Service Uninterruptedness